Davita, Inc.

International Dialysis Leader Improves Patient Satisfaction Via Secure, Seamless, Fast On-Demand Software Delivery  

    Davita, Inc. (NYSE: DVA), a FORTUNE 500® company, is
    a leading provider of kidney care in the United States,
    providing dialysis services and education for patients
    with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal
    disease. The company is one of the largest providers
    of kidney care services in the U.S. and has been a
    leader in clinical quality and innovation for more
    than 20 years.

    Industry: Healthcare
    Clinics: 2,815
    Founded: 1994
    Location: Denver, CO


Davita chose to partner with AuditDeploy, innovator of the world’s
most secure and seamless technology delivery platform (TDP)
for the enterprise. The tech agnostic, data-centric continuous delivery
engine automates the entire software release process, allowing Davita to
rollout its new solution in hours, not days, either incrementally, or immediately,
across dialysis centers based on customer demand. Because AuditDeploy’s
solution is low-code tech, staff at individual dialysis centers were able to handle
the deployment themselves, with little to no issues. Davita has completely
transformed the customer experience for all its 204,200 patients.

“AuditDeploy is the glue across your entire organization. It’s knitting
together all of your teams to create a synergy that will create an order of
magnitude, better product and faster time to delivery.”
- Sr. DevOps Manager, Davita Inc.


The rapid, secure, automated deployment of its innovative central patient data system allowed
Davita to move from “just” a dialysis company, to a corporation working at the forefront of patient health analysis. They have eliminated manually created patient tickets and other manual activities associated with patient care, meaning dialysis patients can visit any Davita center anywhere and seamlessly “plug in” their personal health information with little to no wait or effort. Additionally, the use of AuditDeploy’s technology has allowed Davita to expand their business model to one of a technology innovator in the healthcare industry, differentiating them from competitors and driving additional revenue. Davita hopes to open up additional product streams to capture different pieces of the ancillary market.

  • Lead time from commit to deploy 50x faster
  • Software Release Support Tickets from 90 support to 1
  • Production deployments 20x more
  • Releases to the end users 180x more
  • Time to recover from incidents: 252x faster

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