Experian, plc

Global credit reporting leader identifies and fixes pipeline issues in just minutes instead of days or weeks with AuditDeploy’s software solutions “Drive changes to your software systems based on data and insights, rather than gut-based guesses”

    Experian’s software deployment process was highly
    complex and interdependent on a multitude of
    systems. If a failure or problem happened with any
    one of the underlying systems, the entire rollout
    was jeopardized. Experian’s DevOps team was
    increasingly frustrated with the lack of context,
    detail and insights to the deployment process,
    which caused unnecessary and costly delays while
    locating the what, where, when, how, who and why
    behind each failure.


The global team at Experian turned to AuditDeploy’s suite of
software tools and solutions to help eliminate the frustrations
around the disparate systems. With the ability to take an “x-ray”
of a company’s end-to-end software supply chain and quickly
find bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and errors, AuditDeploy’s
software automatically centralizes all data into an aggregated
single control view. In other words, DevOps teams get a view of
one “picture” showing the entire software supply chain. Once
issues or potential roadblocks are identified, the complete
delivery process speeds up exponentially.

“AuditDeploy provided our Global Delivery Team with a lot
of valuable and meaningful data and insights into our
DevOps pipelines & release management process.”
- SVP, Engineering Delivery, Experian PLC


With AuditDeploy on the case, the Experian DevOps team was
able to detect, locate and resolve critical DevOps pipeline issues
in just minutes (vs. days or even weeks before AuditDeploy’s
tools). Data and information was no longer scattered across
multiple systems and tools, but shown in one view, allowing the
identification and remediation of issues on the fly and in real

  • Find and fix issues 90x faster
  • From 4hours to find and resolve issues within 10minutes
  • Auditability and tracing across engineering tools, systems and infrastructure

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