IGEL Technology Corp.

Safely Orchestrated Software Deployment Enables
Fleet-Wide Autonomous Management Across
30,000+ Edge Devices Across 3,000 Health Care
points of service in the United States

Customer: Davita, Inc.
Technology Partner: IGEL Technology Corp.


The company turned to AuditDeploy for its data-centric software delivery
orchestration and automation with complete end-to-end visibility and traceability.
With the AuditDeploy’s release automation solution, that leverages the IGEL UMS,
the provider was able to programmatically determine where each thin client
needed to go, and what software it needed as soon as it came online.
The AuditDeploy platform also removed the human manual intervention of
updating a profile in the UMS by making the specified partition a deployable
candidate in the product’s Release Orchestration Platform. Developers were
able to quickly and easily push their changes out, not worrying about the
deployment process and infrastructure, and letting them get back to product
development of life saving software.


The provider had over 30,000+ devices across all their facilities and offices in the U.S. and needed software installed on each and every one of them. They faced a tedious, human- intensive, time consuming, expensive, and risky deployment.

Clinics could not be “down” because a software install didn’t go well, as patient lives were at stake. Thousands of man hours were saved from installing software, better
served serving patients.

  • Remotely and safely updated 30,000+  IGEL thin clients
  • Saved thousand of man hours from manually updated
    and manage 30,000 thin clients from a single pane of glass.
  • Deliver remote desktop support for healthcare workers translates to better patient care.

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