Why we're here
We believe that software development should
not be confined to the hands of a select few.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, we are at a crucial juncture where empowering business and engineering teams has become paramount. Traditional software delivery tools, which have been foundational in our industry, are now confronting significant challenges. They struggle to keep pace with the complex, dynamic needs of modern technology, especially in SDLC Lifecycle Automation.

These tools, entrenched in linear and manual processes, increasingly find it difficult to maintain scalability and transparency. This is vital for efficient service delivery in current technologies like Kubernetes, various cloud platforms, and the looming network of over 1 trillion programmable endpoints anticipated by 2035.

The gap in capabilities is broadened by the explosive growth of containers, APIs, microservices, and serverless functions. These technological advancements present not just scalability challenges but also pose significant threats to organizations globally. The urgency lies in our collective ability to empower our business and engineering teams effectively. They are the ones tackling these complexities on a daily basis, and their success is crucial for progress and innovation in our industry.

WHo we are

We are a small self-funded team focused
on leveraging design, data, and AI to
make software delivery faster, easier and safer.

We’re focused on creating the world’s best user experience for delivering software at scale.
We aim to empower individuals to solve complex software delivery challenges without the need to
hire an expert, master new tools, or programming languages, or delve into the command line.
We strive to simplify the process, making sophisticated software delivery accessible and intuitive for
every organization and individual on the planet.

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