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Sal Stabler

AAs a technology leader, you understand the immense difficulties involved in crafting a software deployment platform that embodies flexibility, scalability, and resilience. Scaling a business is an arduous undertaking, and even prominent big tech companies employ numerous highly talented and skilled engineers and dedicate years to developing infrastructure platforms to achieve rapidly scale their businesses.

You may have embarked on building a platform using open-source tools, only to discover their limitations in accommodating deployment models beyond a single cloud. Consequently, your makeshift solution fell short of meeting the demands of rapid growth.

In today's dynamic economy, the norm is experiencing frequent supply and demand shocks, while customer preferences change at an astonishing pace. To thrive in this new world, organizations must possess instant visibility and control over their software supply chains, capable of swiftly adapting their technology infrastructure and operations on an ongoing basis.

In the past, enterprise software revolved around designing and deploying for a solitary environment, primarily on-premise data centers. Each organization's computing landscape was encapsulated within one or a few of these centers. Due to the laborious manual work and support burden entailed, system upgrades occurred infrequently.

Then, in 2016, everything transformed with the advent of cloud computing, which empowered hyperscale commercial cloud providers to offer singular production environments. However, fast forward seven years, and organizations are now confronted with a multitude of cloud providers, each presenting its unique deployment prerequisites and intricacies. As companies shifted their software infrastructure towards a cloud-first approach, they encountered exorbitant cloud service fees.

In response to heightened competition within the cloud infrastructure market, customers pushed against vendor lock-in, seeking software that caters to multiple cloud environments. They yearned for the freedom to select the optimal cloud provider based on their specific needs, unencumbered by a single vendor.

Introducing AuditDeploy—the ultimate solution to your deployment quandaries and frustrations. Our platform is highly modular, scalable, and secure by design, granting you the ability to confidently deploy software anywhere—be it in private cloud, hybrid clouds, or in-country on-premise data centers, or at the edge. With AuditDeploy, you can seamlessly
evolve alongside your customers, capturing emerging opportunities while maintaining the rapidity and convenience synonymous with SaaS.

Our integrated, end-to-end solution obviates the necessity of constructing and maintaining in-house custom continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline capabilities, which siphon valuable resources away from innovation and feature development. With AuditDeploy, you can reliably deploy secure and compliant software, without compromising developer productivity or focus.

So, why persist with a hodgepodge of patchwork solutions when you can possess a sophisticated, game-changing platform engineered to surmount the challenges prevalent in today's business landscape? Embark on an unparalleled journey of bringing new products to market swiftly and safely with AuditDeploy—the Technology Delivery Platform (TDP) proficient in handling even the most intricate deployment scenarios worldwide.

Bid farewell to compromises and embrace a future of resounding success in rapid product delivery with AuditDeploy!

Our Journey

The AuditDeploy Story

A Highly Modular and Scalable  Software Delivery Platform
Jan. 2020
AuditDeploy Was Established & Bootstrapped

Co-Founders Sal and Armond with more than 35 years in the computer software and IT industry experience got started in the early beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic to help Health Care provides simplify and streamline software releases across multiple on-prem and cloud environments.

Research & Development Phase 1

While supporting a couple of fortune 500 clients in Health Care and Financial Services industry, the AuditDeploy team completes their proprietary groundbreaking machine data capturing technology to help make  software delivery auditable, traceable and transparent.

Research & Development Phase 2

The AuditDeploy team begins development of a next-generation decentralized build automation open-source tool for developers globally.

2023 Q1
Productization & Commercialization

The AuditDeploy team begins transforming their revolutionary platform solution  into a marketable and scalable product.

2023 Q2
Summer Launch

AuditDeploy launches a platform to help companies simplify and streamline software product releases across any environment.

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