Introducing Release by AuditDeploy

Deploy & Scale Your

When you deploy software with Release, the process is remarkably seamless.  That’s because our intelligent automation is handling tedious and complex tasks that don’t require your attention, which means less hands-on work for you.

Simple. Scalable. Secure.

How it works

Release is the cornerstone app of the AuditDeploy platform, engineered to transform the way teams orchestrate deployments and manage their software. With Release, you gain the power to deploy any software, anywhere, with unprecedented ease and precision.


Create a release

Choose a name and version for your release, select the environment (Dev, QA, Staging, Prod), and schedule the deployment. It's that straightforward—seamlessly bringing your innovations to life, on your terms and timeline.

Add candidates

Pick the components you're ready to launch. Just select your build candidates and add them to the release. This step is all about choosing the stars of your deployment, setting the stage for success. When you use Builder to build your production-quality software, they automatically appear inside Release ready to be deploy with one-click.


Preview & Approve

Get a clear view of your deployment strategy and click approve. Our preview graphically maps out all components, groups, and phases, ensuring everything aligns perfectly before you approve. It's your deployment blueprint, designed for precision and peace of mind.

One-Click Deploy

With just a single click, bring your deployment from plan to reality. This final step is where simplicity meets efficiency—initiating your carefully planned release into the selected environment. Ready, set, launch—effortlessly.


LiveDeploy Insights

As your deployment unfolds, LiveDeploy Insights offers a detailed, real-time window into every aspect of the process. Monitor every change, every update, and every system interaction. Should anything diverge from the plan, you'll spot it instantly, ensuring swift resolution and unparalleled oversight.

"AuditDeploy is the glue across your organization. It's knitting together of all your software teams to create a synergy that will create an order of magnitude better product and faster time to delivery."
Director of DevOps


No credit card required.
  • For individuals
  • Next-Gen Builder
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration for streamlined access.
  • Real-time deployment previews and log streaming.
  • Customizable deployment validations for quality assurance.
    Serial and parallel deployment phase management.
    Dependency management for smooth rollouts.
    Automatic namespace creation for user isolation.
    Service accounts with minimal permissions for security.
    Integrated environment configurations for common services.
    URL provisioning for easy application access.
    Deployment lifecycle management tools.


Fully Automated DevOps
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  • Everything here or only what you need:
    For teams
    Deploy to Any Cloud
  • State of the art build automation tool - Builder
    Enhanced security and compliance tracking.
    Single Sign-On (SSO) integration for streamlined access.
    Intelligent Automation & Model-Driven Traceability
  • Predictive analytics and actionable insights.
  • Zero downtime scalability and high availability.
  • Wide integration ecosystem with DevOps tools.
  • Customizable, user-friendly dashboard.
    Flexible, simplified deployment management.
    24/7 global support and dedicated success services.
    Transparent, scalable pricing.
    Advanced automation capabilities.
    Continuous deployment and orchestration platform.
    Observability and monitoring integrations.
    Compliance-aware change management.
    Granular RBAC controls.
    Compliance-aware change management.
    Software Delivery Insights
    Cloud Cost Management tools
    Dedicated Customer Success AuditDeploy Experts
    Volume discounts for scale.
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